The castle which today houses the BookChor School was once part of a great realm and is intrinsically linked with the history and origins of the school. Though now a modern day institute which brings together readers from all walks of life, the BookChor School started as a Mecca for those who sought knowledge, under repression and censure. The legacy of BookChor School spans all the way back from The Order of the White Iris, to the great conquest by Galahar the brave and his worthy companions; and has today metamorphosed into this online community for readers to share and enhance their experience of reading and knowledge gathering. Our story begins in-medias-res of these two great events; and talks of the great fission in time, which led to the extremely secretive and select order of the white iris to come out in the open and be accessible to one and all. During the dark ages, the castle and the kingdom surrounded by it were ruled by a tyrant of the name Misenus, The Mighty. And dark times they truly were, his people were downtrodden and poor, subject to the whims and atrocities of the King and his equally unfair courtiers. The only voice of reason in the royal court was Aldrich, the Wise, advisor to the King's deceased father, and the sole remnant of the yesteryears of peace. He was powerless in influencing the King to do right by his people, as he was always outnumbered by the rest of the courtiers; all of them power hungry-sycophants, each one worse than the previous in their vileness. Aldrich, though a great sorcerer, realized that it will not be enough to get rid of the King by use of Magic and force. The real problem was not the poverty and oppression at the hands of the King; rather it was the obliviousness of the people to an alternate way of life. It is ignorance that aids tyranny and if there was to be any change for the better, it had to come in the worldview of the people and not just the ruler. The people were disconnected from their past with no probability of a better future. All learning and teaching were banned in the kingdom so that there never could be anyone to question the oppression.

Aldrich bid his time till he could find someone who was worthy enough, not just to remove the King, but also replace the old way of ruling by brute force with something more holistic; and at last bring harmony to the devastated realm. Aldrich was farsighted and in the youth of the next generation, he saw hope. Out of the many protégés under his tutelage, there were two youths he felt were perfect to spearhead the beginning of this new era. They were Galahar, a young orphan, skilled in the use of the sword and adept at hand to hand combat. And Alleyne; a magician and distant nephew of Aldrich. Where Galahar was impulsive and compassionate, Alleyne was poised and thoughtful. The bravery of Galahar was tempered by the wisdom of Alleyne. The two grew up as brothers and Aldrich observed this with great satisfaction because he knew how their inherent traits complemented each other and would be of great aid to them both. But before Aldrich could see the change materialize, he fell victim to a conspiracy by the nefarious courtiers. The kingdom was hit by a drought, which was blamed on him and his practice of Black Magic. The King wasted no time in ordering his execution and soon all the members of his retinue were being hunted too. Galahar and Alleyne managed to escape on time, but they found themselves directionless without the presence of their mentor and guardian. It was then, that they were approached by a girl by the name of Atlanta. Atlanta was another protégé of Aldrich, and a member of the order of white iris, of which Aldrich was the grand master. Atlanta introduced them to the world and power of the order; a sect of monks who safeguarded tomes upon tomes of works, brought from all over the world. Their main aim was to preserve knowledge pertaining to various disciplines from prosecution at the hands of abusers of state power and orthodox systems- who were disparate to any form of change. It was Aldrich’s view that storing all that knowledge was of no use if it couldn’t be implemented for the good of the people. With the death of Aldrich, the three young warriors decided that it was now time to end this reign of oppression and incompetence. Atlanta secured them an entry into the stronghold of the order, and together the three of them set to work amongst rows and rows of information on every topic under the sun.


For months they planned, yet they always found themselves against one barrier- to reach the King, they had to first alienate him from his supporters. The job required great cunning and stealth, which they found in a recluse named Kronos, a famed outlaw. He reluctantly agreed to help them, though he firmly established his displeasure with any form of autocratic authority. On the fateful day, armed with the knowledge of the secret tunnels and pathways of the castle, Atlanta lead the other three into the royal castle. While Alleyne and Kronos set to eliminate the cronies of the King, Atlanta, followed by Galahar, made straight for the monarch’s chambers. In the absence of his followers; the King turned out to be nothing more than a coward, who was no match for the righteous vengeance in Galahar’s heart. The coup was successful and the tyrants were soon put to justice. The four decided to do away with the monarchy on the insistence of Kronos, who was of the opinion that Power Corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely. They formed the very first council that collaborated with the people and formed a new kind of system of governance. As for the library of the order, Atlanta was eventually successful in persuading the monks to bring the books from the catacombs into the light. The old castle was the perfect place to install the new library which was open to all. It soon became the center of learning among the many kingdoms surrounding it. Scholars and non-scholars alike flocked to the castle to read, discuss and share their knowledge. The BookChor School carries forward this tradition in this digital age and gives the readers a platform to share their thoughts. The four houses honor the legacy of the four heroes of the conquest who were vital in bringing the wonderful world of the books from hiding, into the open for everyone to benefit from.